Welcome to the  North Park Core Curriculum faculty  blog.  Here you can find a wide array of resources for teaching in the Core from Cornerstone to Capstone.  This is a brand new online resources, which will evolve as we see what faculty benefit most from. For now, it will serve as the primary online resource … More Welcome

On Teaching Writing

For faculty teaching Writing Intensive courses, click here to get a map of how to use this blog to both find helpful resources, contribute your own, and participate in the discussion with your colleagues. Gaining some perspective on Writing Across the Curriculum Writing Across the Curriculum

Liberal Arts: Introspection or Outrospection?

I’m sharing my latest favorite RSA Animate Lecture:  “The Power of Outrospection.” It raises important questions for what we hope to accomplish in the Cornerstone and Keystone courses, and in fact, the larger project of the liberal arts.  The question is for our educational programs here at North Park: “Are we cultivating empathy?” In the … More Liberal Arts: Introspection or Outrospection?

How do you build classroom community?

Student learning is improved when there is a palpable and practiced sense of classroom community among the students and professor.  There is no one model for what this community looks like:  for one class it involves friendly competition, for another, frequent group projects, for a third it involves collaborating on revising drafts of writing assignments.  … More How do you build classroom community?

Website of the Week

Whether or not you use the print publication “The Norton Field Guide to Writing,” there is a  useful website for your students here.  There is a useful web-based toolbar that students might use while writing their papers.  This can be imported directly into their Window’s based Mircrosoft Word program, or as an internet toolbar.