Gesture Writing

How do we get students to start drafting their papers with energy and imagination?  How can we encourage those students to start writing a draft who are timid to put words on the page or overly worried about “getting it correct”?  Perhaps we should take a lesson from art classes, namely the “gesture drawing.” I … More Gesture Writing

Writing Science Lab Reports

Clear and effective writing is essential to the success of the sciences.  Though some principles of good writing are common across academic disciplines, there are some  characteristics specific to the sciences and their primary genres.  Below are some helpful resources for designing, teaching, and evaluating good scientific writing assignments. Inquiry-based writing


Welcome to the  North Park Core Curriculum faculty  blog.  Here you can find a wide array of resources for teaching in the Core from Cornerstone to Capstone.  This is a brand new online resources, which will evolve as we see what faculty benefit most from. For now, it will serve as the primary online resource … More Welcome

On Teaching Writing

For faculty teaching Writing Intensive courses, click here to get a map of how to use this blog to both find helpful resources, contribute your own, and participate in the discussion with your colleagues. Gaining some perspective on Writing Across the Curriculum Writing Across the Curriculum